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Titan Story. Conchita Gassó

3 de May de 2023

We say that it is never too late to try to fulfil a dream. Conchita Gassó knows this well. She began her adventure in the Titan World Series universe with the 2016 Titan Tropic, at the age of 55. And now, in the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco, she is on her ninth participation. All equally hard-fought, some as a finisher and others without being able to cross the finish line.

“I like the atmosphere of the Titan, I love the bike, I enjoy all the stages and the truth is that I have a great time,” says the oldest participant in the peloton. She is 45 years older than the youngest rider, but she is also more enthusiastic than the rest of the 500 participants.

She may not appear among the elite participants, or her name may not be in the privileged part of the classification, but she can proudly wear the Titan label. Conchita shows that it is not all about being the fastest or the best descender, but that it is possible to be an example through perseverance, sacrifice and enthusiasm: “You have to be here to understand it. This cannot be explained”.

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