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Titan Story. Léster Fernández

30 de April de 2023

It started as a result of a badly healed tibia and fibula operation, but everything got worse after being run over in 2020. Lester Fernández, a Cuban living in Sant Cugat del Vallès, is a cycling enthusiast whose daily life was cut short by this event.

He came out of the accident with 81% physical disability. “All this made me stop cycling, when I was a person who trained a lot,” explains Lester himself.

Everything changed, almost out of boredom, as he himself says: “One day I was at home and decided to get on the roller. Little by little and in consultation with the doctor, but I felt better and better. The bike gave me my freedom again”.

This experience gave rise to an idea that he calls ‘Happy Wheels’, a solidarity project with which he aims to organise amateur rides and races in which people with disabilities are welcome.

Today, he is one more in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco peloton, which he has entered through a Titan Life grant by KH7. “For me there is no such thing as ‘I can’t’. It’s something I don’t include in my vocabulary and I don’t allow myself to think about it. If I can pass on any message to anyone, I would like it to be that anything is possible”.

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