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Logistics information

All participants in the race have insurance that includes the following coverage.

Getting to Morocco 

There are two ways to travel to Morocco: by your own means or with the flights offered by the organization.

These charter flights will depart from two different locations: Barcelona and Madrid, both on April 27th, with destination Ouarzazate airport. Flight details will be communicated to participants in mid-February.

The return flight will be on May 4th from Errachidia airport.

In case of traveling on your own, you will have to be at the camp next to the Hotel Xaluca Dades (Av. Zone Touristique B.P,Marroc) located in the village of Boumalne Dades on April 27th. The verifications will be approximately from 10 am to 4 pm. From the moment the verifications start, you will be able to settle in the camp. The closest airport to Boumalne Dades is Ouarzazate airport.

For the return you will have to fly back on the 4th of May as the 3rd is the last stage and the prize-giving ceremony. This last day you will sleep in the town of Erfoud. The closest airport to this town is Er Rachidia.


The participants sleep in camps built by the organization in the Berber style at the arrival of each stage. The camps are like big nomadic cities with all the necessary services: restaurant, dining area, bathrooms, showers, beds etc.

Each participant shares a haima (tent) equipped with a mattress, sheets and pillows, with two other companions.

The camp layout changes in the Marathon Stage, and the mattresses and bedding disappear. In this stage each participant has to sleep with what he/she has carried to the camp. Everyone has their own strategy in this respect.

How will my bike get to Morocco? 

There are two options for transporting your bike: 1) on trucks of the organization that leave a few days before the race, or 2) you take the bike to the start by your own means.

The bikes are transported in trucks by road a few days before the race; this service does not have an additional cost. The bikes will be collected in Barcelona and loaded onto the trucks for the trip to Morocco. 

If you choose option 1, you need to hand over your bike in our warehouse in Barcelona on certain dates. You have four options to get your bike to us:

  • Option 1: hand over the bike personally
  • Option 2: hand over the bike via the contracted service (check the online shop)
  • Option 3: send the bike by the courier service of the national and international organization
  • Option 4: send the bike by your own courier service (in this case you will need to manage the reception of the official packaging with the organization). 

How do I collect my bike when I return from Morocco? 

At the end of the race, and if your bike has been transported in the organization’s trucks, you should pack your bike and hand it over to the organization.

Once the truck reaches the warehouse, you have 4 ways of collecting your bike.

  • Option 1: collect the bike personally in the warehouse
  • Option 2: collect the bike via the contracted service (check the online shop)
  • Option 3: the bike is sent to your home by the courier service of the national and international organization
  • Option 4: contract your own courier service. 

How can I transport my luggage to Morocco?

The transport of your luggage to and from Morocco depends on how you decide to travel. If you decided to organise it on your own, your luggage should accompany you. If you decide to travel on the charter flights organised by the organization you can take one piece per person (max. 20 kilos) plus a cabin bag of regulatory size and a maximum weight of 5 kilos.

If you expect to take excess baggage the organization offers the option of contracting a materials box that will be transported in the assistance trucks, at an additional cost.

How will I transfer my luggage during the race? 

Luggage is taken from camp to camp by the organizers, except for the Marathon Stage day, when no type of luggage will be delivered.

How can I charge electronic devices? 

There will be an area for electronic device charging in each camp, supervised by personnel from the organization.

Can we communicate with the outside? 

Many areas where the camps are located have mobile phone coverage because they are located near towns. Even so, it may be impossible to ensure mobile coverage in some areas or camps. 

Can I bring family or friends? 

There is a programme for family and friends for the last days in Morocco. They can enjoy a night in the camp on the road, the last stage and the prize-giving ceremony. 

To know more about this programme, contact info@titandesert.com 

How do the assistance services work? 

The organizers do not offer an assistance service (mechanical or physiotherapy) to participants. Companies external to the organization offer these services to participants in the race in the camps (except during the Marathon Stage). 
The Škoda Titan Desert Morocco website has a list of companies that offer these services.

¿Can I take my own food? 

The registration fee includes all meals in the camps (breakfast, lunch and dinner). However, if you wish you can include some vacuum-packed foods in your luggage (cheese, cold meats…) or other specific foods for your diet.  
Bear in mind that refreshments during the stages are purely liquid, so you should bring any extras such as energy bars and gels with you. 

¿Can I wash my clothes in the camps? 

Yes, you can wash them in the toilets area of the camps. Indeed, we advise all participants to wear clean clothes every day to prevent the formation of blisters. The organization ensures water supplies for all the participants.