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Represent your city, town or village in this category, consisting of teams of two participants

Participate in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco as a representative of your home town. Give your home town a high profile by competing together with a friend in the Titan.
The Ambassador category consists of two-rider teams of people from the same town. They ride together in the race and have their own category.


The Ambassador modality has its own classification and specific race regulations, with exclusive prizes for them, where the winning team will receive a trophy that accredits them as winners.

Once the race is over, the organisation will send a gift to the municipality or institution as a token of appreciation for their support to the Ambassador team.

Become a Titan!

Submit your project in your municipality and represent it by participating in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco.

If you need more information about the classification, please send an email to info@titandesert.com

Riders in this modality must be registered in the town they represent with a minimum of one year’s seniority (they must present the registration form stating their seniority).

One of the characteristics of the classification is that the pair must ride together with a maximum time allowed of 1 minute between them at the checkpoints and the finish line of the stages.

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