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The purpose

Purpose is a desire, a celebration of the imagination, an invitation to a journey to the place of your deepest dreams.

It is the engine that brings you closer to the vision of yourself overcoming challenges, fulfilling dreams and reaching goals you thought unattainable, like running a race in the middle of the desert.

Your purpose drives you from the depths of your being, it becomes your obsession and inspires you to find time where there seemed to be none, will where there used to be excuses and energy where there used to be apathy. Your purpose will guide you to become the person you always dreamed of being, lead you to live the authentic life you crave, and lift you to a state of greatness.

Purpose is Joan Pujol, it is Alejandra Lizana and it is Michal Lominski but it can also be you.

Live your life, achieve your purpose and be a Titan!

Episode I: LIVE

Joan Pujol. (Terrasa, Barcelona, 1952)

When we talk about cycling as a way of understanding life, we talk about people like Joan Pujol. At 71 years old, this Titan can’t imagine his everyday life without his bike. There are no excuses for not going out for a ride and no calendars that mark out training times. When cycling is a passion, a vital axis, a purpose in itself, everything else takes second place. Because that’s how you choose to live your life.

Episode II: FIND

Alejandra Lizana (Chile, 1989)

Can the will to do something be so strong that it takes you to limits of yourself that you didn’t know about? Alejandra Lizana is going to be Titan. That goal obsesses ‘Ale’, who, until very recently, barely rode a bicycle. But whatever. The training, the physical and mental preparation, the sacrifice needed to achieve the goal. All of this is behind the will he has to reach the goal, the will to achieve a goal that until recently was unthinkable.


Michał Łomnicki (Kwidzyn, Poland, 1979)

Being a Titan knows no nationality, distance, employment, status, gender or ideology. Michał Łomnicki lives in Poland. He is a family man and owns his own business. All of this could perhaps keep him away from living this adventure year after year, but Michal is a Titan Legend who has already passed 4,000 kilometres in our races. Because he understands better than anyone that ‘Titan’ is not just another label that adorns our biography; you are a Titan.

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Self-sufficiency, autonomy, epic, be part of an authentic experience