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Live your life, Reach your purpose, Be a Titan


In 2006, a race was born aiming to be much more than just a race.

Its first ambition was to transfer the spirit of the Dakar to the world of cycling. Along the way, it ended up creating its own essence, its own unmistakable identity and an incomparable adventure.

An event that was designed for those people who want to be something more. Who are not satisfied with being one of the crowd. Who, in the vastness of the desert, are looking for a challenge, a purpose, a meaning or a desire.

Titans fill their lives with moments, whether big or small, and turn them into indelible memories. Those moments are born from living their life 100%, facing their fears, facing themselves, and deciding to go all the way.

There are those who are absolute fanatics of mountain biking, but there are also those who are simply looking to measure themselves. Perhaps the first spark, the trigger that led to everything else, came from conversations with friends or rides with the cycling mates. But what seemed crazy at first, grew into a desire, something to do before it was too late.

That purpose marked in their minds encouraged them to grow and improve. It is the engine that makes them pursue a dream until they achieve it. Everything starts to turn around that idea.

Riding through the dunes, living among the haimas, selflessly helping a companion, facing the next climb, enjoying the descent, crossing the finish line, raising the fossil, sharing the sunset, and discovering Morocco.

There is no feeling like it.

They all decided that the time had come. That there is only one life, and they were not going to wait any longer. They took the reins and set out to live as they wanted to.

Because the Titan is life. It is purpose. It is being and being in the moment.

Live your life, Reach your Purpose, Be a Titan.

Our Titans have chosen to live their lives their own way, to be masters of their own destiny. They have decided to make every moment meaningful. They don’t think about what’s next. They are there in the instant and make it so much more. Life is not something that just happens for them, but they take an active part of their day to day life to turn it into unique experiences and emotions.

A Titan is born from a purpose. The small flame that fuels a passion and a goal. The purpose is to become something more. To stop living in fear and to face what life has ahead. To constantly seek to improve and not to settle. It is a goal, real and figurative, that is reached when the challenge is completed. When you are a Titan in your own right.

What is a Titan? A person who chooses to do things differently. It’s the one who wants to know his limits, but also the one who wants to test himself in unknown environments. It’s the one who measures himself in a sprint with the teammate next to him. But it is also the one who lends himself to assist his rival. It is the one who knows that a haima is much more than a refuge in the desert. A Titan lives out of purposes. Because he is never satisfied and seeks to squeeze every ounce of emotion that life has to offer.

Discover the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco

Self-sufficiency, autonomy, epic, be part of an authentic experience