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The Škoda Titan Desert Morocco reaffirms its social commitment through the TITAN LIFE by KH7 programme, which sets out to implement measures and raise awareness among participants to ensure that the passage of the Titan Caravan is sustainable and respectful of the environment, while contributing to the benefit of local communities in the process. The TITAN LIFE BY KH-7 is divided into two main blocks:

CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT Zero waste commitment

Caring for the environment in the areas the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco passes through is a priority for the organization. To ensure this, the following actions are carried out:

  • A team collects any waste that participants may have thrown away. 
  • Sanctions will be applied to participants who throw rubbish away. The rules include a sanction for any participant who throws any kind of waste product away during the race. To ensure compliance with this rule, all participants must mark the number of gels and energy bars they carry on them on their bib (race number). There is a Titan Life by KH7 truck that collects rubbish at the control points, as well as by the sweeper car.
  • Clean bivouac: Installation of wastepaper bins all over the bivouac. 
  • There is a team of 3 people to supervise and clean the bivouacs.

Titan Life by KH7 grants

The Titan Life by KH7 grants aim to bring the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco closer to solidarity projects, proposing models that boost the development of communities through sport.


The Škoda Titan Desert Morocco wishes to contribute to improving conditions in local communities by proposing positive values. There are two main programmes that promote improvements to local communities through healthcare initiatives and the implementation of exemplary models in this field.

  • Titan Life by KH7 grants. These grants foster and give visibility to solidarity projects through their participation in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco, with two entries in the race for the best projects, offering models that contribute to the development of local communities through sport.
  • Hearing again to live again. Through this programme the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco has contributed to improving the quality of life and security of Moroccans through a study to detect people’s hearing problems, and carrying out a personalised plan for each case.

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