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TITAN WORLD SERIES, S. L., company based in Gran Vía 8-10, planta 7ª, 08902 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat with TIN B-61514360 (“TWS” or “us”, for the purposes of this privacy policy) is a marketing agency where we help our clients optimise the way they advertise and promote themselves. We believe that the responsible use of data inspires business growth by generating a solid relationship between the brand and the consumer. As a company, we are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of all the individuals we interact with. We are also committed to transparent personal data handling and to abiding by the applicable law regarding personal data protection. This privacy policy details the types of personal data we obtain when you interact with us. TWS is responsible for the handling of the personal data you provide us through this Website, among others.

This Privacy Policy explains:

The kind of data we handle

How we use this information

How long we handle the data for

How we protect your personal data

Who we share the information with

Information transfers between group companies

Your rights


How to contact us

In the Additional Information section we explain the meaning of “personal data”, as well as other terms used in this policy.

The kind of data we handle

The type of information we compile will depend on the circumstances and on the services you use. In general terms, we will obtain information about you and/or about your use of our services in the following way:

Information regarding the use of our Website

We obtain information regarding how you use our Website, including information about which pages you visit, the services or information you search for and the links and contents you access. We could use this information you provide by using our Website to offer you content that is interesting to you and to determine our marketing strategy. This type of activity, known as “profiling”, consists in using automatic methods to analyse personal data and predict someone’s preferences, interests and habits. You can oppose profiling at any time. For more information on the cookies we use, here our Cookie Policy.

Technical data

We obtain information regarding the devices you use to access the Website, which includes your mobile phone’s unique ID code or the IP address from which you access the Website, which identifies the specific device from which you access the internet. We receive and handle this information through an ID cookie. For more information on the cookies we use and why, here is our Cookie Policy.

Marketing and communications data

We obtain information regarding your preferences in terms of the reception of promotional information and communication. For more information on the cookies we use and why, here is our Cookie Policy.

Contact details

We obtain your contact details when you request to receive notifications through your emails, when you download our content, subscribe to our newsletters, register to our events, send us a question or send us your resume. The personal data included would be: – Name – Gender – Birth date – DNI – Email – Address – Telephone – IP address

Image and / or voice data

We obtain your image and / or voice data, when you participate in our events and in activities related to them.


It is only enabled the registration to those interested that are older than 18 years old. Therefore, TWS reserves the right to eliminate any personal data that does not meet the established age limits.

How we use this information

  • Save legal obligations, we will only use personal data given to us for the following purposes:
  • Manage your registration and participation in the race and other potential activities related to it.
  • Manage the capture and publication of images taken during the race and the activities related to it.
  • To create and maintain your User profile should you request it;
  • To give information regarding our services through our newsletters;
  • To monitor the performance of our newsletter campaigns;
  • To answer your questions and comments;
  • To manage your participation in raffles and events:
  • To allow the download of our content;
  • To analyse and/or improve our services;
Purpose/Activity Type of personal data used
Manage your registration and participation in the race and other potential activities related to it. (a) Name and last names (b) ID (c) Email address (d) Telephone number
Manage the capture and publication of images taken during the race and the activities related to it. (a) Image and/or voice
Create and maintain your user profile if you request it. (a) Identifying data (b) Contact details (c) Username (d) Credentials
To send you information regarding our services. (a) Name (b) Email address
Monitor the performance of our newsletter campaigns. (a) Name; (b) Email address; (c) Technical data; and (d) Browsing and use;
Respond to requests and comments. (a) Name (b) Email address
Allow the download of our content. (a) IP address
Statistical analysis regarding your use of the Website ((a) Name (b) Email address (c) Browsing and use (e) Technical data
Share information with third parties, such as authorities or legally competent public administrations. (a) Name (b) Email address (c) IP address (d) Use (e) Technical data (f) Image and/or voice
  • To share your data with companies within the same group for administrative and processing purposes;
  • and To fulfil our legal obligations.

The legislation regarding data protection obligates us to inform you of the legal basis that allows us to handle your personal data. For the most part, the handling of your personal data is based on (a) our legitimate interests regarding the provision of the services you request or our relationship with you as a consumer, or (b) your consent, when it has been requested. The following table shows the purpose for this data handling and the legitimising basis for said handling. Keep in mind that it is possible for there to be more than one legitimising basis, depending on the specific purpose for the handling of particular data.

How long we handle the data for

We will retain your personal data for the time necessary to correctly provide the relevant services, in accordance with our legal obligations. Once this data handling has finalised, your personal data will remain blocked and will only be made available to the competent authorities until the responsibilities stemming from this handling finalise, at which point it will be eliminated securely, or made anonymous so that we may continue to use them for analytics purposes. You can request further information from the points of contact indicated in this Privacy Policy.

How we protect your personal data

We employ the appropriate organisational and technological measures in order to help us protect your data from unauthorised use or access, as well as loss, alteration or accidental destruction. We also try to make sure our suppliers do the same.

Who we share the information with

Cycling federations Your data may be communicated to certain cycling federations when necessary to manage your registration in certain sporting events We resort to third parties for the realisation of certain business functions on our behalf, such as newsletter mailing, the storage of our internet service on servers and the management of our relationship with our customers. We will only give them the necessary information to provide the contracted services. Our service providers are hired to fulfil our instructions and we demand that they do not use your personal data for their own purposes. Information shared with other entities Due to legal obligations or qualifications we can provide personal data to third parties as competent authorities and public administrations. Information shared with sponsors Your captured image and voice data may be communicated in the participation of the event and / or related activities, to sponsors with whom we collaborate in this event, for promotional purposes, in the terms established in the legal bases.

Information transfers between Group companies

TWS belongs to the Dentsu Aegis Network, a media group formed by several companies. For this reason, we will sometimes communicate your personal data to other companies within the groups. Access to your data will always be limited by the need to use them in order to provide the requested services or to carry out necessary or legitimate actions (need-to-know principle). Some of these companies are located outside the EU, but we will always make sure that such communications and transfers are carried out with the security required according with the applicable data protection legislation. We will only transfer your personal data outside the EU once we have verified, in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, that there is a suitable security level in place to protect the integrity of all data handled. These measures may include the use of contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, and the EU-US Privacy Shield, Swiss-US Privacy Shield or your consent when the data is transferred to the USA. All transfers of personal data between group companies are protected through the subscription of the contractual clauses approved by the European Commission. You can request further information regarding the measures taken to protect said transfers by contacting us through the points of contact indicated in the present Privacy Policy.

Your rights

  • Objection to the handling at any time, at which point we will cease to handle the data you have objected to, unless we can prove that the data handling in question may continue based on legitimate overriding motives.
  • Access your personal data, as well as being able to confirm whether personal data are being processed.
  • Request the portability of your personal data.
  • Request the suppression (cancellation) of your personal data.
  • Correction or updating of your personal data
  • Limiting the handlingof your personal data.
  • Withdrawal of consent.
  • File a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency when you consider that your rights recognized by the Data Protection regulations have been violated. When you exercise the aforementioned rights and we have doubts regarding your identity, we may ask you to identify yourself effectively, for example, including a copy of your ID with your request. Cuando ejercite los derechos arriba mencionados y tengamos dudas sobre su identidad, podemos exigirle que se identifique de forma efectiva, por ejemplo, adjuntando a su solicitud copia de su DNI.
  • Updates This Privacy Policy may be updated occasionally in order to reflect changes in the law, in good practices or in our personal data protection activities. The date of the last update will appear in the heading of this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the changes realised, please do not continue to use our services or to share your personal data with us. We suggest that you check if this Privacy Policy has been updated regularly

How to contact us

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy and the way in which we protect your privacy, or if you wish to exercise any of the rights mentioned in this policy, you can contact our Data Protection Officer through any of the following contact methods:

Address: Data Protection Officer, RPM Racing S.L.U ,AV/ GRAN VIA 8-10, 7A PLANTA 08902 HOSPITALET DE LLOBREGAT, BARCELONA

Telephone: (+34) 934315533

Email: dpo@rpm-mktg.es


In this additional information section we define some of the terms used in this Privacy Policy.

Data handling manager: the physical person or company that determines the purposes and methods of data handling.

Personal data: all information that identifies you or makes you identifiable.

Handling: Any operation carried out using personal data. Among others, its collection, storage, disclosing and elimination.

Profiling: Handling of data whose purpose is to decipher, through automated tools, certain people’s profiles such as predicting someone’s productivity at work, their reliability, economic situation, personal preferences, interests, behaviour, location or movements.

Transfer: Communication of personal data to companies outside the EU (ex: when storing data in equipment located outside the EU), or access to the personal data by someone located outside the EU.