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Luisle and Tessa, two superheroes among mortals

Today there are 450 new Titans. 450 people who left Boumalne Dades with a dream, a goal, a purpose to cross the finish line and become Titans. There have been some dropouts, tears, pain and falls, but all that is behind us today. Today there are tears, yes, but they are all of happiness. There are smiles, […]

Lamiel wins amidst the madness

What happened today is, from start to finish, what the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco is. A day of madness, alternatives, shortcuts, courage, effort, dunes and desert. One of those stages that leaves a thousand stories, at the head and tail of the peloton. Fast start, from an area known by the veteran Titans, next to the dunes […]

Luis León and Tessa, king and queen of the desert

No more shy Luis León Sánchez, who did not dare to throw himself into the race. The Spaniard, who was showing an incredible respect for the desert challenges and the trials of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco, today has been unleashed. The legs of the Kosner – Saltoki Home rider have never been in question. […]

Luisle’ wins with pure class and becomes leader

What are the biggest challenges for a newcomer to the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco? Perhaps knowing how the body will react to living in the camp. Or face the always dreaded navigation sections. Or find out how he’ll handle the bike in the desert. Some of these issues have not yet been solved. There has been […]

The strongest in the flat terrain reign also in the mountains

“Believe it or not, I don’t like the mountains at all. It doesn’t suit my riding.” Who speaks is the winner of the first stage of the Škoda We Love Cycling stage and first leader of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2024 GC: Josep Betalú. Beta’ has had to insist that he is not into climbing. It is […]

Everything is ready for the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2024

Just a few hours left for the start of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2024. The 452 Titans that will form the peloton are already in Boumalne Dades, ready and eager to take the start tomorrow. Ahead of them lie 600 kilometers of challenge and over 6,000 meters of elevation gain over six stages. This […]

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