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At what time do the stages start?

Each stage starts at 08:00. 

Is the route signposted? 

Arrows mark out the route of the stages, except in the navigation stage, where there is no signage at all. The use of the GPS is mandatory, as is passing all the CPs (Control Points) and Hydration Stations, so the race is also open to navigation. 

How long are the stages? 

The six stages of the race have an average length of around 110 km each. There may be an 80-km stage and another of up to 140 km. 

When will I know about the route? 

The route, the area of Morocco where it takes place, the kilometres and the altitude change every year, as well as other novelties that are presented a couple of months before the race.

The exact tracks are sent to participants 15 days before the race, although the location of the hydration stations and control points are not notified until the day before each stage.

What does the Marathon Stage consist of? 

It is a stage in which the participants do not have any kind of external assistance in the camp or mechanical assistance, 

The participants need to take everything with them to spend the night in the camp, as the haimas (tents) do hot have mattresses, sheets or blankets (we recommend you take a sleeping bag and in inflatable sleeping pad). Access to personal luggage is not allowed. 

How are the control points placed, and how many are there? 

The control points are located depending on the route of each stage. Although there are variations depending on the route, there will not be more than 4 per stage. Their exact coordinates will be given the day before. 

How many refreshment points are there? 

In the Titan Desert the refreshment points are called ‘hydration stations’.

On each stage there will be three Hydration Stations, two of them with cold drinks. Hydration stations will not be more than 40 kilometres apart.

They will have water, and two will have isotonic drinks.

Furthermore, before the start each competitor receives 3 litres of water to fill their hydration bottles and packs. 

What happens if I withdraw from the race during a stage or arrive at the finish line out of time?

All participants who did not finish a stagehave the right to take the startin the next stage (although they will not appear in the classification under any circumstances). In the following stages they must complete the route within the set time, otherwise they will not be allowed to start and will travel from camp to camp with the organization. 

No participant who did not finish a stage canfigure in the general classification nor qualify for any stage win

What happens if I withdraw from the race completely?

In the case of adefinitive withdrawal, the organization undertakes to transport each participant from camp to camp in the logistics convoy. The participant’s bike should be handed over to the organization already packaged; it will then be transported by the organization to the organization’s warehouse located at the arrival on the final stage, therefore the bike cannot be recovered until the race has finished. 

Participants who withdraw from the race and decide NOT to continue in the race convoy (from camp to camp) may opt for hotel accommodation until the race finishes or return home. Any costs incurred will be paid by the participant. 

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