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The Titan Corporate category fosters and strengthens relations between the employees of a company. Teamwork is essential to overcome the difficulties experienced by the participants in the race in the desert.

Involve your company through your participation in the Corporate Category.


Advantages of taking part in the Corporate category

Teams in the Corporate category will have their own classification, with exclusive prizes, with the winning team receiving a trophy.

Once the race is over the organizers will send the company in question a gift in gratitude for their support for the Corporate team.

Furthermore, the impact of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco in the media gives a company the opportunity to boost its image, both at the level of external communication and internally.

Don’t give it another thought!

Present your project in your company and tell them about the benefits of representing it in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco.

It is an experience that will strengthen links among employees like no other.

Conditions of the Ambassador category

This modality is reserved to the participation of two people in a team who have to ride together throughout all the stages.
The team members must be from the same company, certifying this through documentation. Both employees should have been in the company for more than one year.

This modality has its own classification, with prizes for the leading participants.

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