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Adicción and Kelámetro solidario, winners of the Titan Life by KH7 grants

25 de April de 2022

The projects ‘Adicción’ and ‘Kelametro solidario’ have been the winners of the Titan Life by KH7 grants. Both initiatives will receive a bib for the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2022 to participate in the race and give visibility to their causes.

‘Adiccción’ and ‘Kelametro solidario’ were the two most voted projects among all those that were presented. The vote was made between the president of KH7 Lloreda, Josep Maria Lloreda, the Titan Legend Platinum Melcior Mauri and the CEO of Titan World Series, Jesús García.

The Titan Life by KH7 Grants are one of the cornerstones of the Titan Life by KH7 program, which aims to implement action measures and raise awareness among participants to make the race caravan and the cycling peloton sustainable and respectful of the environment, as well as contribute to the improvement of the local community.


Xavi Giró seeks, through ‘Addiction’, to give visibility to the bike as a healing tool. His story, as he himself tells, is that of a person who had to choose between two paths: “a process of self-destruction after years of consumption” or one of “effort and suffering” in a tough recovery process.

Almost nine years have passed since Xavi stopped consuming. “After the first few months, I tried this game for grown-up children that is the bike and discovered a space in which to put into practice these new skills that taught me to live again and that every day I saw more clearly that were essential to get ahead: perseverance, effort, humility and self-discipline,” he explains.

Congratulations, Xavi, for your courage and for this bib that you so richly deserve.

Kelametro solidario

Led by the Navarre cyclist Oskar Ollakarizketa, ‘Kelametro solidario’ wants to put the focus on people suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and raise funds for research into this disease.

Through its website, donors can buy each one of the 645 kilometers that Oskar will ride in the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2022. All proceeds will go to research against ALS.

As they say from ‘Kelametro solidario’, ALS is a degenerative disease of the nervous system, whereby the brain loses the ability to control muscle movement. “It is a disease with enormous costs that are borne by the patients and their families, often unaffordable for them,” they point out.

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