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Luisle and Tessa, two superheroes among mortals

3 de May de 2024

Today there are 450 new Titans. 450 people who left Boumalne Dades with a dream, a goal, a purpose to cross the finish line and become Titans.

There have been some dropouts, tears, pain and falls, but all that is behind us today. Today there are tears, yes, but they are all of happiness. There are smiles, hugs, excitement and joy. They are all finishers and, now, Titans. And there are two of them who have completed this adventure in less time than anyone else: Luis León Sánchez and Tessa Kortekaas.

The rider from Murcia was one of the favorites to win the men’s GC. In his favor were his incredible legs and the competitive drive that has given him 20 years as a WorldTour rider. To the detriment of ‘Luisle’ was his inexperience in the challenges of a race like the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco.

However, the Kosner – Saltoki rider was smart in his efforts. He has pressed and attacked in those sections of pure cycling, where he felt the strongest, and has been conservative and cautious in the more technical and tactical areas.

This was also the case in the last stage. 70 kilometers of traps, desert, sand and small cuts. It was obvious that in this terrain the bikers were going to be stronger than him, so the leader just followed Sergio Mantecón‘s wheel, the only one who seemed to be able to put his red jersey at jeopardy.

Ahead of him were the purely mountain bikers for whom a stage win would round off their participation. A very tight group of three riders arrived at the finish: Benjamí Prades, Jorge Lamiel and Noel Martín. Finally it was Martín who took the victory.

A much sought-after stage for the FLYZ ORQUIN team, especially for Fran Herrero. Martín was the stage winner and manages to find gold in this Škoda Titan Desert Morocco. A hard-earned gold in 2024, in which a superhero from the road has made daily demonstrations of pure class.

If the men’s GC has been marked by a superhero from Murcia, in the women’s GC a Dutchwoman has decided that this race should have only one name. And this has been repeated up to six times: six out of six stages for Tessa Kortekaas.

She was already the favorite from the start of the race and left no room for doubt day after day. An overwhelming, almost tyrannical domination of a rider who goes out every day to prove herself and show that she is the best. All with a contagious smile and love of cycling.

The superheroine of this Škoda Titan Desert Morocco wore the jersey of Cannondale ISB Sport and has achieved her second victory in the GC of the race. Two participations and two victories.

Today, with everything settled and the GC secured, the triathlete based in Lanzarote has always sought to be in the leading group. Pushing, gritting her teeth and feeling better every day. Little choice has left her pursuers, Pilar Fernandez and Greete Steinburg, far behind in the GC. In fact, she herself has joked when crossing the finish line asking for some more stages. 

It does not seem that the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2025 will have more than six stages, but even if it were, no doubt that Kortekaas would be able to do eight, nine or whatever. Because that’s how superheroines are on the bike: they know no limits or challenges.

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