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Bou and Kortekaas, Škoda Titan Desert Morocco’s new champions

5 de May de 2023

Different stories, different origins and crossed destinies. Roberto Bou is a professional biker. He was born in Mora de Rubielos, developed his entire career in Catalonia and has completed more than 6,000 kilometres in Titan World Series races.

Tessa Kortekaas was born in Voorhout, a small town in the Netherlands. She has been based in Lanzarote for years, where she participates in long-distance triathlon races. This was her first participation in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco and she has just over 600 kilometres to go.

But they are the two protagonists of this edition of the race. Both are the winners of their respective GCs. Newcomers at the top of the podium in both cases, but who have won with an undisputed dominance.

The last day of the race, far from being a tribute to the winner, is a day of nerves and effort, as was evident last year. 71 kilometres of desert remain a challenge where surprises can happen.

But it didn’t happen. Roberto Bou and Tessa Kortekaas, Cannondale VAS Arabay and Kosner – Saltoki Home, have left no room for doubt.

The stage was fast and very broken, with many leading groups taking different routes. At the second checkpoint, a group of about 14 riders joined the effort and took the lead of the stage.

In the head of the group was the eventual stage winner: Sergio Mantecón. It was the second stage for the Valencian rider, who had already said that he would go for partial victories after losing time in the general classification at the start of the race.

A few minutes later, the leader and, from that moment on, the reigning champion of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco arrived. Bou was joined by his team-mate Miguel Muñoz. A historic victory for Cannondale VAS Arabay and very emotional for Bou and his team.

It was not long before Tessa Kortekaas arrived. The Dutchwoman did not give herself a break even on her last day and was the first woman to cross the finish line. Fourth stage victory and a historic GC for this rookie rider.

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