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Betalú will never cease to be Betalú

Josep Betalú is known in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco peloton as ‘the fox of the desert’. A nickname that highlights both his dominance in the race, as well as his cunning and intelligence in the riding. The KH7 rider may never have been the one who pushed the hardest or climbed the best, but […]

12 seconds later, Herrero leads again

352 days have passed since the end of the 2022 edition of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco. But it all came down to 12 seconds. The only 12 seconds of the entire race in which Fran Herrero was not the overall leader and gave up his jersey to Konny Looser. Almost a full year later, […]

DHL once again supports the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco

La marca de logística y transporte internacional, líder mundial en su sector, será por 7º año la encargada de recoger las bicicletas de los titanes y transportarlas hasta Marruecos. En poco más de un mes, la caravana de la Škoda Titan Desert Morocco pondrá rumbo a Marruecos para celebrar su próxima edición. Una gran aventura […]

What kind of food should you eat during a long-distance race?

Our sports nutrition sponsor Herooj offers a complete range of products where the main sources of energy discussed in this blog post are present. Thanks to the support of athlete and sports nutritionist Martina Rebull @comeypedalea we will be able to enjoy specific advice for the three events of the Titan World Series universe. During […]

Merzouga, the immensity of the Desert

The Škoda Titan Desert Morocco will reach the Merzouga area in its fourth stage. This village located in the Erg Chebbi area will be the protagonist of the fifth stage of the race, which will make a total of 98km in loop, through this area known for its endless dunes. The territory of the Erg […]

Boumalne Dades, the point of departure

The next edition of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco will start from the mountainous area of Boumalne Dades. A spectacular spot in the Moroccan High Atlas Mountains, of great natural beauty. Located at an altitude of 1,612 metres, the town of Boumalne Dades is in the heart of the Valley of the Birds. These rugged, […]

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