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Titan Story. Martí and Jan Álvarez

1 de May de 2024

“My brother is my hero.” Perhaps it’s one of those phrases that can be said by many people. Sibling relationships are special and, when they are good, they can be the most meaningful relationships.

The case of Jan and Martí Álvarez is that of two brothers, 22 and 25 years old: young, very sporty and adventurous. One more of many fraternal stories. The difference that makes it special is that Martí, the younger of the two, suffers from Guillain – Barré disease and is the hero of Jan, his older brother.

Marti has a 66% physical disability and mobility problems that could even lead to some paralysis. However, he is just 150 kilometers away from completing his first Škoda Titan Desert Morocco. “Since we were 10-12 years old we wanted to do it. For us it’s a dream to be here. We almost don’t believe it after everything we’ve been through.”

The Moroccan adventure is the last of many tests that both have done together, but perhaps the hardest and most significant. Because Marti is Jan’s hero, but the example of both is that of unconditional love and a will that can overcome all the obstacles that life puts in his way.

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