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 Our Titans are now in Morocco

7 de May de 2022

The 523 Titans that will take the start of the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2022 are now in Merzouga. Ahead, six stages, more than 600 kilometers and many challenges before crossing the finish line in Maadid.

The top contenders in men’s and women’s GC already have their bibs and their bikes are waiting to get underway this Sunday, May the 8th.

Konny Looser, Titan Desert 2021 men’s GC winner, considers that he is “in contention with other guys” to win the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2022.  “My form is good, and I could be in contention with other guys. I made my best to be as prepared as possible and be the one to beat”, he stated.

Meanwhile, Ariadna Ródenas, reigning winner of the womMeanwhile, the current winner of the women’s GC, Ariadna Ródenas, is sure that she will be “more watched by her rivals”. “Last year I arrived and not many people knew me, but in this edition I will be more controlled. That’s for sure,” she said.

Sergio Mantecón is another name to watch. Winner of the Titan Desert in 2020, this will be the year of his debut in the Moroccan desert. “In Almeria there was no navigation and it’s going to be one of my pending tasks here. Luckily, the Titan Desert is more than a race and many participants have offered to help me”, he declared.

These three contenders will measure themselves against the other favorites in all categories: Anna Ramirez, Josep Betalú, Lex Albrecht, Óscar Pujol, Véronique Fortin, Sylvain Chavanel…

Next stage

ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco 2022 starts with a loop through the west of the Erg Chebbi. The start will be fast, but the second part will run through canyons and secondary roads, which will slow down the pace.

The route continues until it reaches large extensions where the participants will find some softer areas, before returning to the starting point.

Not an easy day, typical of the desert and 100% Titan. 

Presence in five continents

The ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco is an international race, with presence on five continents. The 2022 edition will be broadcast on 38 different television channels and more than 130 countries around the world.

A desire to transcend our borders that will be reinforced by the follow-up on social media.

The profiles of the ŠKODA Titan Desert Morocco, which publish their content in Spanish and English, have a total of 245.000 followers among the main digital platforms.

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