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Bou and Kotekaas, new GC leaders

4 de May de 2023

Sport is always about balance. The immense joys of some are the unfathomable sorrows of others. The tears of happiness of the winners contrast with the tears of frustration and despair of their rivals.

That contrast of emotions has run up and down the elite peloton of the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco today. On the one hand, Roberto Bou and Tessa Kortekaas, stage winners and new leaders of their respective GCs. On the other, Vera and Konny Looser, who have lost the lead and, in the case of the Swiss, had to withdraw.

Both had been suffering from physical and nutritional problems for a couple of days and it was today, on the fifth stage of the race, that these ailments took their toll.

However, this cannot tarnish the brilliant performance of both Bou and Kortekaas, who are the new leaders in both general standings.

For the Aragonese rider, the stage was one of those that leave their mark. More than 80 kilometres on his own. On a route that crossed dunes, large plains and long navigation sections.

A true exhibition of a beast of nature, who has managed to open almost ten minutes of gap with the group that was chasing him: Sergio Mantecón, Óscar Pujol and Josep Betalú. Beta’ is now second in the GC.

But nothing could stop Bou, who kept going and kept opening up the gap. He almost didn’t believe it as he got to know the references, but that’s how it was. A real ride for the history books and the best performance of this rider in a race he knows well. More than 5,500 kilometres behind him in Titan World Series races. A true Titan Legend Platinum.

Rookie Tessa Kortekaas is far from being a Titan Legend, but she is already on her way to becoming a race legend. An overall victory on debut is unusual and the Kosner – Saltoki Home rider is on her way to it.

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