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The Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2023 begins

29 de April de 2023

There are only a few hours left until the most incredible adventure in the lives of 500 people. The Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2023 starts at 8.00 this Sunday. More than 600 kilometres and 7,000 metres of cumulative elevation gain over six days of pure mountain biking.

A peloton full of names, nationalities, origins and purposes. From those who only want to participate, to those who do it in memory of someone, to those who are already on their twentieth Titan World Series race and also, of course, those who aim to win the GC.

Among those, six of them have given a pre-race press conference to explain their feelings, strategies and objectives. Vera Looser, Konny Looser, Sergio Mantecón, Ariadna Ródenas, Josep Betalú and Fran Herrero. A handful of the most recognisable names in the peloton.

For reigning race champion Konny Looser, the course is the best he has experienced in all his participations. “This year is very good for me. There are a lot of climbs and I think it will be possible to open up a bigger gap in the GC from the first stages. Last year it was difficult to make a difference,” said the Kosner – Saltoki Home rider.

Fran Herrero, who was second only to Looser in the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco 2022, is clear that the goal is a victory for his team, Cannondale VAS Arabay: “We are a team with three very strong riders. For me, it would be a failure if we didn’t win the GC”.

Another of the big teams is Scott Cala Bandida, with Sergio Mantecón at the head. For the Cantabrian rider, reigning Spanish XCM champion, “the squad is stronger” than that of 2022 and, having learned from his debut, he hopes that he and his team will be able to “put on a show”.

In the women’s GC, Vera Looser is also the main contender. “My priority is to finish the race, but I came second last year and I will definitely go for the victory”, explained the Namibian rider.

One of her biggest rivals will be Ariadna Ródenas, winner of the 2021 edition of the race and who sees how the level of women’s participation grows every year. “Each edition is getting more and more competitive and the level is very, very high. In the end, I am a competitive person and I will try to win, but it is difficult”, said the cyclist from Alicante.

Five profiles of those who will almost certainly be ahead throughout the race and five of the most recognisable names for any of the more than 500 participants who pass through the camp every day.

But the Škoda Titan Desert Morocco is much more than its favourites and many stories of anonymous characters that will be discovered in each of the six stages ahead.

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